Portland Dining Guide: Breakfast at Gracie’s

In Portland, weekend brunch is time-honored pastime. It's revered. And everyone loves sharing their favorite spots around town for a pre-noon feast. 

Recently, my dad (who recently started his documenting his own food reviews at  @dining_with_dad) and I had the chance to taste test the new brunch menu at Gracie's and it's definitely one you should add to your list. 

The restaurant is the set in the Hotel deLuxe in downtown Portland. Upon setting foot inside the hotel, you can't help but feel like you've waltzed back a few decades to the era of glamorous old Hollywood. The lobby is as cozy as it is elegant with plush seating, images of classic film stars, and sparkling chandeliers. 

At Gracie's, we tried a few classic brunch items off the new menu such as the mimosa, bloody mary, the huevos rancheros, and the traditional eggs benedict. Everything was so delicious. 

The dining room is classy, light-filled, and the warm service made the elegant space feel welcoming and comfortable. Parties of all varieties-- ladies who brunch, couples, and families all feasted on their own mouth-watering breakfast spreads. It was the perfect setting for a #treatyoself worthy brunch. 

Tasty food with great service where you can make reservations? That's a win-win-win. Thank you, Gracie's! I'll definitely be back. 


THe glamorously old school hotel deluxe lobby

Hey, audrey + gregory! (from rOMAN HOLIDAY, one of my all-time fav movies.)


Gracie's light-filled stunner of a Dining Room


A few favorites from the brunch menu 



Gracie's at Hotel deLuxe
729 SW 15th Ave.
Portland, OR 97205

Editor's Note: Hotel deLuxe graciously provided brunch but all opinions are my own (as always!)  The new brunch menu at Gracie's is too good to miss out on. Go taste it for yourself! 

With love from Portland,