Adventure On: A Quick Guide to Cotopaxi Questival


It's adventure time!

June 30th marks the kick-off for year three of the Portland Questival by Cotopaxi. What is a "Questival", you ask? The Questival is a 24-hour, Amazing Race-style adventure where teams of 2-6 players compete in fun challenges across a variety of categories. While the experiences are unique each year, I rounded up a few tips to make your Questival one for the record books. 

Tips for Questival Success

Assemble Your Adventure Squad 

First and foremost, round up your friends and assemble your adventure squad. You'll want a creative who can think up unique ways for your team to stand out while completing challenges, a planner who can strategize a solid game plan, an adventurer who is up for anything, and a cheerleader to motivate the team when it's crunch time. Or maybe you have a few friends who are a combination of the four! It's important to find a crew that's up for the challenge— no matter what that challenge may be. 

Plan a Pre-Questival Strategy Party

The complete list of challenges is released on the Questival app 24-hours before event kickoff. Some challenges can be completed in proximity to one another. Round up your crew and figure out which Questival tasks you'll want to check off.

Gather Your Gear

Once the challenges are released, make a list of the gear you'll need and start gathering. Many of the challenges are outdoors related. Will you need a tent, firewood, or lots and lots of snacks? Plan ahead to maximize your time spent adventuring!

Live it Up at the kick-off Party

Start your Questival off on the winning side by making the most of the check-in party. Check-in early and enjoy the party! Pick up your Luzon bags and your team totem. Your totem is key as every challenge you complete must have your totem in the picture.

Make Friends with Other Teams

Have fun and befriend other teams at the kick-off party. Yes, it's a competition but it's more fun to root for each other. And hey, with so many like-minded adventurers in one place you may just meet your new BFFs! A few challenges are collaborative— you never know who'll you'll need to swap shoelaces with. (That's a hint from a past challenge!) 

Be Unique! Make the Challenges Your Own

Team ranking is determined both by completion of challenges and peer scoring of creativity. Get creative, be uniquely you, and ham it up! 


Want to join in on the fun? 

It's not too late to sign up. Trust me, you don't want to miss out! (Click this link for more information.) Follow along @paperairplaneblog for day-of Questival insta-stories + hijinks! It's gonna get wild. Are you headed to Cotopaxi Portland? Let me know, I'll see you there!

Sponsored Content || This post is proudly sponsored by Cotopaxi. Sponsorships like Cotopaxi help provide great adventure stories and guides to you, dear readers. All words are my own. I competed in the past two Portland Questival unsponsored and loved every minute of it. You will too! xo, C