How to Make the Barcelona-Style Gin Tonic

Make it simple but significant. It’s solid advice for both cocktails and life. This Spanish spin on a classic cocktail recipe is no exception.

In honor of upcoming travels to Spain, I’m serving up a Barcelona-style Gin Tonic. Simultaneously beautiful and unfussy to craft, the Gin Tonic is a must-have cocktail to have in your hostessing arsenal.

Before we dive in, do as the locals do and drop the ‘&’. It’s Gin Tonic now. This cocktail is traditionally served on the rocks in a copa glass but you can also use a red wine glass as a readily available substitute. Start with an excellent gin and the rest is simple.

I imbibed with Tinkerman’s Citrus Supreme gin for this cocktail. Citrus Supreme is complex and smooth with subtle citrus, juniper, and floral notes. For a simple cocktail like the Gin Tonic, utilizing a premium gin like Citrus Supreme makes all the difference.


Barcelona Gin Tonic

  • Chilled Wine Glass

  • Gin (Tinkerman’s Citrus Supreme is suggested)

  • Tonic (I used Fever Tree)

  • Fresh Citrus

  • Aromatics (Herbs or Spices)

The best part of this cocktail? The recipe more of a general guideline than a strict how-to. Let your creative spirit flow and play around with the flavor profiles. A few suggestions? Lemon and rosemary (pictured) or grapefruit and mint are classic options.

Anyways, I’m off to Barcelona for tapas, sunshine, and, of course, a few Gin Tonics. Follow the adventures on Instagram and blog for more travel stories and discoveries coming soon.



P.S. Thank you to Tinkerman’s for gifting their gins to try! As always, all opinions are my own and I only recommend vetted products I love. (In this case, it’s great gin.)

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