Recharge at Portland's Favorite Yoga Studios | Fit PDX Fueled by Naked Juice


Let's get healthy, PDX.

Want to tackle one of the daunting Columbia River Gorge hikes this summer? Or finally take on Portland Bridge Pedal? 

There are plenty of bigger and better adventures to be had this year, but you'll only get to the summit of Dog Mountain of you put in the work.

In 2016, I'm seeking out the finest fitness explorations within Portland city limits. Naked Juice and I are partnering up for another year of adventures fueled by these tasty juices. 

This January, it's all about beginning the year on a tranquil note. Dust off that yoga mat and get your "OM" on, (even if you're only in it for the savasana.

recharge at Portland's favorite yoga studios

Studio Blue

SE DIVISION // NW 17th Ave

For a truly restful and restorative yoga practice, try a Studio Blue candlelit Yoga Flow or Yin class. The spaces at both locations are very clean and modern— everything about the studios feels top notch from the friendly staff to the equipment to the instructors. Studio Blue also offers excellent Pilates classes. 

Corepower Yoga 

NW Quimby // SE Morrison

If working up a sweat is a must for your workouts, try Corepower. The studio offers a series of athletic yoga classes in varying degrees of heated spaces. The instructors lead the class in a fun and energic way that will leave you pumped and ready for your next class.

Yoga Bhoga

SE Water Ave

Yoga Bhoga is a tidy studio located just across the train tracks in the Central Eastside Industrial District. Focused on the spiritual aspect of yoga, all classes are well-taught by highly trained yogis. Be forewarned, the Vinyasa class may say that it is "all levels," but it can tend to flow at an intense pace. Try one of the Hatha or Yin classes for a better introduction if you are a beginner. 

The Yoga Space

NW 17th Ave // SE Stark

With a wide variety of classes offered, there is a yoga practice for everyone at The Yoga Space. The NW location is particularly beautiful with   stained glass windows letting in soft light. The weekday, $7 "Happy Hour Yoga" is the perfect way to try out the studio. 

Sea Greens x Naked Juice

It’s smooth seas ahead with this distinctive smoothie featuring a blend of sea greens, celery, strawberry and orange. With boatloads of goodness, it’s a refreshing way to add some variety to your veggies. Each 15.2-oz bottle of Sea Greens contains 2 1/2 apples, 2/3 banana, 2/3 orange, 2 3/4 strawberries, 1/5 coconut, 1/3 passion fruit, 1/3 celery stalk with boosts of spirulina and dulse. This veggie forward juice is an excellent source of vitamin A & C, potassium and iodine. But, what is dulse? It’s an edible seaweed! And in juice form, it’s a practical way to to incorporate its health benefits into your diet.

I'm pretty excited to get back into  a regular yoga practice in preparation for Wanderlust Festival this May. Do you have any active lifestyle related goals for this year? Let me know in the comments. 


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