Moon River is a travel and lifestyle blog sharing stories, guides, and ideas for old souls passionate about living well.

If we can’t add length to life, then let’s create more space for depth.

hI, I'm Chloe.

You could say that I’ve always gravitated towards the timeless, the romantic, and the classic… whether that was learning film photography throughout school, pouring over classic novels, studying Italian, or creating stationary with my 1950s Underwood typewriter.

I believe that one can live well no matter where you are or what you have. Trends will always come and go, but there’s comfort in the classic. It’s an attempt to live life in the slow lane and to appreciate what’s already ours.

Off the internet, you can find me with my dog Whiskey, mapping out my next big adventure, or simply writing away with a cup of tea in hand. 

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As always, feel free to reach out to me via email, social media, or in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!